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Alaska Glacier Sightseeing Tour

Glacier Sightseeing, the geological marvels that a moving mass of ice creates is a sight to behold. There are places that man is reluctant to travel on foot. Glaciers have fluid characteristics and have gained a defining vocabulary that includes words such as; serac, crevasse, moraine, bergschrund, neve and cirque. The list goes on and so does the miles of Alaska Icefields. Take an aerial survey of the mountainscapes in a Alaska Glacier Sightseeing flight.

Anchorage Glacier Tour

Glacial melt ponds filled with turquoise iridescent water lye on the surface of the ice. The cause of the rich turquoise color is due to the settlement of the rock flour created by the glaciers eroding rock. Nunataks (island of rock) protrude from the ice creating an area of stress in the moving ice. The mountains surrounding the glaciers give life to the Dall Sheep and the Mountain Goat. This is a high mountain ecosystem one must see with their own eyes, the headwaters of rivers, creeks and water as we know it. From sky to sea!

So we have planted the vision, now for the details… Wether you choose a short flight or a extended flight, we have some options. We have multiple departure points here in South Central, call and let us know where you would like to depart. Bring a lunch, camera and jacket if you plan on more than short flight. We have the ability with our aircraft to land and walk around in some of the remotest country in Alaska. Take a walk on the wild side!

$300 per person

  • Tour Dates: All Seasons
  • Duration1-4 hours
  • Group Size:1 – 4

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