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Alaska Birdwatching Tour

As an air service we appreciate Birds as much as we appreciate our air craft. We offer two Fly-in Bird Watching options for those that appreciate Birding as much as we do.

We have a location that is a short flight from Anchorage that encompasses riparian areas and wetlands. It harbors waterfowl, birds of prey and songbirds all in easy walking conditions. It is a great escape for a reasonable budget. We provide guided day trips and welcome those ambitious self guided birders to this great location. Let us help you with the logistics of getting off the beaten path and to some new Birding areas. You will be sure to check another box on your life list!

Anchorage AK Birdwatching
Photography Trips Golden Eagle
Anchorage Bird Trips

Tour Details

Dates:June 1 - Sept 15
Duration:4 - 6 Hours
Group Size:1 - 4
Cost:$425 per person

Questions? Call us at
907-350-3982 or 907-350-1001.

As an alternative to the lower elevations, we have a few fly in mountain venues to observe some mysterious marvels. For me the birds of prey are the most exciting of the bird species. There are those wondrous moments you witness a successful hunt, the capture on the wing. They are rare but the allure is a driving force to stay aware of your immediate surroundings. Sightings on the other hand are very frequent, I could recite a hundred stories of mystifying occurrences that would captivate and amaze you. In actuality so little is known about these species because they are so mobile and virtually unreachable.

As with all of these photography trips it is likely you will see many birds of prey and birds in general. The destination and tours are specialized, they will begin where we have had the most astonishing and frequent occurrence with birds. From the high valley riparian areas and craggy cliffs where falcons and accipiter’s nest to the wetlands and coastal zones where Sandhills and Waterfowl reside. Here lies the opportunity for a voyeur of flight.

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