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Alaska Backcountry Ski Camp

Alpine Ski Touring is our chosen method to experience one of the least visited wonders of Alaska, the Neacola Range. This area is reminiscent of Switzerland’s grandeur with a bold Alaska twist, such wild amenities and seclusion where powder prevails. If you like to ski powder, whether it is big mountains or Alpine Ski Touring, this mountain range has a number of notable features.

Neacola Alaska Ski Touring
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Neacola Ski Tour

Tour Details

Dates:March 7 - April 7
Duration:7 Days
Group Size:1 - 6
Cost:$4,000 per person

Questions? Call us at
907-350-3982 or 907-350-1001

The Neocolas’ are a Granite Massif. The topography created yields many unique routes and lines. The rich snowpack is a combination of a Coastal and Interior climate. Since it is on the cusp of these two climates the storm cycle is as follows. Pacific storm flurries lay heavy blankets of snow. After each storm passes, the cold dry arctic air sweeps the area of its moisture content. This ongoing cycle creates the deep yet stable snow pack at Ski Camp. With the spring equinox, longer days arrive and all around the globe there is 12-hours of sunlight. Combine this with the pulse of the astounding weather that presides in March and you have a destination.

Using Randonee Alpine Ski Touring gear and a pair of skins we effortlessly climb the neighboring 7,000 ft. peaks. With an average decent of 5,000 feet you’ll find bliss whether you’re free riding on Telemark gear or your Split board. The granite peaks have worthy ski mountaineering objectives and free rides alike. Never ski the same peak twice; you’ll be enthused at the conglomerate of topography and glacial marvels.

For those looking for alternatives when the long days take a toll and make your ski legs weary. Nordic skiing is one interest; the adjacent rivers have unique qualities. Winding through valleys with great relief assorted wildlife is alive and at times visible. The closer to spring will better your opportunity for long scenic Skate Skis. Ice climbing is another option, multi-pitch of all grades and severity are a short stride away. Rest your legs and strengthen your core. Of course there is also Kite Skiing, you can always find some wind.

The mountain range we are situated in is a cache of sweet powder that we keep to ourselves. Your Glisse filled days will consist of whatever strikes you daily. At night wrap yourself around the trapper’s woodstove in a wall tent and feast on homemade chili. Dry your gear, revel in your good fortune and set your sites for the coming days. Aside from the inspiring geography, fox, wolverine, lake otters and wolves are known to make appearances. Once April is underway, with warmer temperatures the brown bears pop out of their dens on the same mountains you’re skiing.

Who’s invited; Alpine Ski Touring, Split Board Snowboarders, Telemark Skiers, Cross-Country Skiers, Skate Skiers, Ski Mountaineers and Alpinist.

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