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Alaska Walrus Photography Tour

The Alaska Walrus Photography Trip, an excursion to exhibit extraordinary wildlife on the Alaska Peninsula. We are offering a photography tour to a unique coastal geography where two oceans are separated by a slim chain of mountains and volcanoes. Along the coast a large number of Pacific Walrus bulls return and remain over the course of the summer. They haul out on these shores between their feeding forays at sea.

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Tour Details

Dates:June 1 - July 31
Duration:7 Days
Group Size:1 - 6
Cost:$4,800 per person

Questions? Call us at
907-350-3982 or 907-350-1001

The bluffs overlooking Bristol Bay provide a natural vantage to see great distances in all directions. The presence of Dall Porpoises feeding on salmon, Transient Orcas and the April migration of the Grey Whale are frequent occurrences. The gently rolling terrain absent of brush makes hiking easy. The black sand beaches stretch for miles in both directions. On the coast to the northeast is a wide braided river delta draining an 8,000ft volcano. To the southwest a small clear running creek affords clean drinking water. Gain a new perspective of the infamous Bearing Sea!

This area provides pristine and natural habitat for the Brown Bear that wander this country. On this trip you will observe the social structure of both the walrus and the brown bear. Wolves, Caribou and Fox make frequent appearances, and a myriad of shorebirds also nest in the area. Travel this coast on the ancient footprints of the brown bear and encounter these raw events. It is a primitive and primal spectacle worth experiencing.

Presently there are a lot of baseline studies happening pertaining to the marine mammals in the Bearing Sea and Northward to the Chukchi Sea. The Alaska Science Center has some interesting tracking information posted on their website. The data these scientists compile will have an effect on future decisions in climate and conservation efforts. It is an interesting immersion process to actually be present and not so far removed.

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