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Guided Alaska Tours

There are no boundaries when it comes to your experience with Neacola Mountain Air. Boundaries are simply the impasse of a cascading glacier or the berth we allow for a brown bear sow with cubs. The guidance and wilderness awareness we provide has a homegrown flair that roots deep within us.

We offer a unique opportunity for you to define your own pursuit as well your frontiers. Grab your backpack and fulfill your ambitions, scramble a peak, take to the headwaters of a rambling river, Ski a untracked peak. Head North for your future!

Guided Adventure Tours

Join us on an extraordinary adventure and enjoy the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Alaska.

Ski Camp

Neacola Alaska Ski Touring
Alpine Ski Touring is our chosen method to experience one of the least visited wonders of Alaska, the Neacola Range. This area is reminiscent of Switzerland’s grandeur with a bold Alaska twist, such wild amenities…
Tour Dates:March 7 - April 7
Duration:7 Days
Group Size:1 - 6
Cost:$4,000 per person
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Walrus Haul-out

Photo Walrus Tours AK
The Alaska Walrus Photography Trip, an excursion to exhibit extraordinary wildlife on the Alaska Peninsula. We are offering a photography tour to a unique coastal geography where two oceans are separated by a slim chain…
Tour Dates:June 1 - July 31
Duration:7 Days
Group Size:1 - 6
Cost:$4,800 per person
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Birding Tour

Matanuska Valley Migration Hawk
As an air service we appreciate Birds as much as we appreciate our air craft. We offer two Fly-in Bird Watching options for those that appreciate Birding as much as we do. We have a location that is a short flight from Anchorage...
Tour Dates:June 1 - Sept 15
Duration:4 - 6 Hours
Group Size:1 - 4
Cost:$425 per person
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