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We can fly you to some of the most beautiful areas the Matanuska Susitna Valley has to offer. We have a combined aviation background of over 25 years and offer safe, reliable flight seeing tours in either our PA-18 super cub or Robinson R22 Helicopter. Let us share our passion of flying and nature with you.

We specialize in working with you to create a once in a lifetime adventure. Whether it be guiding you through the Talkeetna Mountains on a backpacking adventure; skiing through the Alaska Range; or putting together a trip to see a Walrus haul out, we can make it happen.

Neacola Mountain Air provides charter flights and logistical backcountry support. Wether you need to reach a remote part of Alaska or planning assistance we’re here to help. Our convenient year round location allows us to offer the very best fixed-wing and helicopter services.

Interested in learning to fly helicopters? Or are you a seasoned helicopter pilot looking for additional certs and hours. Contact Neacola Mountain Air for your helicopter flight instruction. We offer Private, Private Add-On, Commercial, Commercial Add-On, CFI ratings and a Pilot Refresher Course.


At Neacola Mountain Air we specialize in flightseeing, guided tours, helicopter flight instruction and charter flights. Giving you unparalleled access to Alaska’s most spectacular destinations.

Aviation is the backbone of Alaska. At Neacola Mountain Air we provide safe air support throughout the state. We offer a spectrum of flightseeing tours and trips for the adventurous and charter work for industry specific flights. We are a full service air charter centrally located at Wolf Lake servicing South Central Alaska.

With multiple departures from Lake Hood, Birchwood, Palmer, Wasilla or Wolf Lake – we’ll make accessing Alaska’s backcountry safe and convenient. We provide both guided Alaska tours as well as unguided adventure drop-offs for quick wilderness access.

Alaska Guided Birding Tours Anchorage

Our trips are unique because we focus on parts of Alaska that are off the beaten path and offer experiences that are beyond what most people expect or imagine. We are also a registered hunting transporter with the State of Alaska and can drop hunters in the Chugach mountains, Talkeetna mountains and surrounding areas.

With multiple guided Alaska tours and convenient unguided adventure drop-offs – Neacola Mountain Air is Alaska’s premier charter flight service. Give us a call at 907-350-3982 or 907-350-1001 to schedule your next flight.

Take to the Skies

Fly with Neacola Mtn Air and let us show you the beauty that is Alaska.

What People Are Saying

We’re dedicated to making your tour in Alaska an enjoyable, once in a lifetime experience. Take a look at our past reviews. → View Our Reviews

Family, Passion, and Drive is how I would sum up my experience with Stacia Joyce at Neacola Mtn Air. Like many others, I have dreamed of flying helicopters and explored many training options around Southcentral Alaska. What I have taken away from my varied instructional experiences is that flight instruction, helicopters especially requires mutual effort between both student and instructor as well as individual flexibility. Scheduling is something of a challenge with everyone living their busy lives, Neacola has one of the most unique and accepting schedules that really tailored to my individual needs. Learning from Stacia I truly felt as if I was part of a team working towards a common goal. She assures you to not be discouraged and has the energy to properly light that motivation you need at times. when talking to her you can get a small glimpse into her diverse background as an experienced helicopter pilot in Alaska and its challenges she has gone through to give you, the student a first hand account of real life situations. Along with the experience, there is the surrounding community you can find associated with good morals, safety, and fun experiences that tells you about the quality of people they are at Neacola. I earned my pilot license with Neacola Mtn Air but I also gained more when it comes to life and friendships.

Instrument, CFII, Helicopter, Alaska

I recently obtained my Instrument and Instrument Instructor Add-on ratings in the Helicopter and was referred to Stacia Joyce of Neacola Mountain Air, LLC in Wasilla, Alaska.

Their well-structured 141 ground and flight training curriculum along with Stacia’s professional, dedicated, committed as well as patient instruction, not only inspired me but gave me the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

They fly a very well maintained and instrument equipped Robinson R-22 Mariner II, which includes a Garmin G5, Garmin 430 WAAS (TSO-C146) GPS and a digital attitude indicator. This made flight training in the Robinson R-22 fun, challenging and affordable compared to the Robinson R-44 which is almost twice the cost.

I would definitely recommend Neacola Mountain to anyone who is pursuing a rating, flight training or just getting recurrent in the helicopter.

Thank you Stacia and Neacola Mountain for helping me achieve my flight training goals.

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