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These FAA 141 approved Pilot Refresher Courses for both VFR and IFR go beyond a typical flight review or Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC).

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What You'll Learn

You will obtain the aeronautical skill and experience necessary to meet the requirements of a Flight Review with rotorcraft category and helicopter class ratings or you will meet the requirements of a helicopter Instrument Proficiency Check.

Course Requirements

The VFR Pilot Refresher course consists of six hours of dual flight instruction and places emphasis on the FAA’s Special Emphasis Areas of the Practical Test Standards at the certificate level held. Youwill be immersed in overview of Single Pilot Resource Management (SRM) and skill development-Decision Making. Basic through advanced maneuvers covering every task required for the initial issuance of the  pilot certificate you hold will be covered. Cross country flight time and overview of cross country flight planning, weather, services available to pilots etc.. will be addressed. An elective night hour of flight will be included upon request.

The ground portion of the VFR Pilot refresher course includes five hours of ground instruction which will cover SFAR 73 to Part 61 as well as applicable FAR’s in Part 61 and 91. You will have an depth discussion on airworthiness regulations, emergency procedures, airframe and engine overview; aerodynamics review, aircraft performance and limitations review, recent airworthiness directives (AD’s), Service Bulletins (SB) and recommendations, airspace, airports and weather, NOTAMS, runway safety and incursion avoidance, noise abatement procedures while flying neighborly industry practices, hazardous weather avoidance and weather planning, ADM, Review of NTSB reports, personal risk analysis.

The IFR pilot refresher course includes six hours of dual flight instruction. A proficient instrument pilot must possess knowledge and skill in 3 distinct but interrelated areas:

  1. Aircraft Control skills, basic attitude instrument flying, cross check, interpret and control.
  2. Aircraft systems knowledge, knowledge and proficiency in instrument procedures and aircraft systems
  3. Aeronautical decision making (ADM) skills, higher order thinking skills, flight planning and flight management, cockpit organization, weather analysis/anticipation

The trainee will gain an understanding and working knowledge of these elements.

The ground portion consists of 5 hours of ground instruction will include discussions about weather, forecasting, freezing levels. Aircraft performance, required equipment (91.205), operation and failure of installed equipment and appropriate pilot response. You will review alternate airport requirements, conditions requiring an alternate airport, approaches and equipment required. IFR Low En-route charts and Instrument approach plates will be reviewed. Risk management and personal minimums will be discussed (PAVE) and personal minimums. Taxi Procedures and runway incursion avoidance, departure procedures, airways and enroute systems, en-route navigation and abnormal procedures and emergencies will be discussed.


Rates for the R22 VFR is $360/hr which includes fuel and instructor.

Rates for the R22 IFR is $370/hr which includes fuel and instructor.

Rates for the R44 VFR is $560/hr which includes fuel and instructor.

Rates for the R44 IFR is $570/hr which includes fuel and instructor.

Ground Instruction is $50/hour


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