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Helicopter Flightseeing

Feel the freedom of flying in a helicopter through mountains and over glaciers. Get an eye full of the Matanuska-Susitna valley and all of her beauty as we fly you in our Robinson R44 Helicopter...
Tour Dates:Year Round
Duration:60 min
Landing:Add-on $50
Seating:3 in R44
Cost:R44 $400 seat
*2 seat min, 240 lb max weight

Fly your own Helicopter

Ever wonder what it is like to fly a helicopter but don’t want to bite off flight school? Feel the rush of experiencing Alaska from the air, as YOU fly over glaciers and through mountains...
Tour Dates:Year Round
Duration:90 min
Landing:Add-on $50
Seating:1 max
Cost:R22 $400
R44 $800
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