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The Commercial rating is what will allow you to become a Certified Flight Instructor and after you gain some flight experience you will be able to secure a job as a professional helicopter pilot.

“Courage is doing what your are afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you are scared.”

~Eddie Richard

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What You'll Learn

Your commercial training will emphasize mountain flying to include glacier and tundra landings, pinnacle and confined area operations, advanced auto rotations and scenarios that introduce the student to life as a helicopter pilot. Continued confidence in solo operations to include night solo flights is introduced and continued growth with aeronautical decision making skills.

Course Requirements

Be at least 18 years of age; hold at least a private pilot certificate.
Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language.
A person who applies for a commercial pilot certificate with a rotorcraft category and helicopter class rating must log at least 150 hours of flight time as a pilot that consists of:
100 hours in a powered aircraft, of which 50 hours must be in helicopters
100 hours of pilot in command flight time, which includes at least:

  • 35 hours in helicopters
  • 10 hours in cross country flight in helicopters
  • 20 hours of training that includes at least:
    • 5 hours of instrument training in a helicopter
    • One 2-hour cross country flight in a helicopter in day VFR conditions, consisting of a total straight-line distance of more than 50 nm from the original point of departure
    • One 2-hour cross country in a helicopter in night VFR condition consisting of a total straight-line distance of more than 50 nm from the original point of departure.
    • 3 hours of flight training in preparation for the practical test in a helicopter which must have been performed within 60 days preceding the date of the check ride.

10 hours of solo flight time in a helicopter or 10 hours of flight time performing the duties of pilot in command in a helicopter with an authorized instructor on board (either of which may be credited toward the 100-hour flight time requirement listed above) which includes at least:

  • One cross country flight with landings at a minimum of 3 points, with one segment consisting of a straight-line distance of at least 50 nm from the original point of departure.
  • 5 hours of night VFR conditions with 10 takeoffs and 10 landings with each involving a flight in the traffic pattern.

Additional Costs:
FAA Written Exam
Practical Exam
Books and supplies


Rates for the R22 is $360/hr which includes fuel and instructor.

Rates for the R44 is $650/hr which includes fuel and instructor.

Ground instruction is $50/hour.


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