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The weather changes rapidly and is unpredictable, sometimes flights have to be canceled as a result. If Neacola Mtn Air has to cancel, a full refund will be made. Weather cancellations are at the discretion of Neacola Mtn Air pilots.

Flightseeing and Tours

Cancellations can be made with no fee up to 7 days prior to the flight. If you have to cancel within that 7 day period, 50% of your flight is payable. However, that 50% that became non-refundable can be applied to future flights, space permitting. If you cancel on the day of your tour, 100% will be charged.


Maximum seat weight is 240 lbs.

  • No bear spray is allowed in the aircraft. Items prohibited on commercial aircraft include: Flammable Liquids, Explosives, Disabling Chemicals and other dangerous Items.
  • We do carry HazMat but please call to discuss details.
  • FAA regulations require that children 24 months and over have a full fare seat. Children under the age of 24 months are welcome on the lap of a responsible adult at no charge.
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