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Feel the supreme freedom of flying in a helicopter through mountains and over glaciers. Get an eye full of the Matanuska-Susitna valley and all of her beauty as we fly you in our R44 Helicopter. We offer two stunning 60 min flight options depending on the days weather conditions.

Knik Colony Glacier

This 60 minute tour takes us up the Knik River Valley which is a braided river fed by several glaciers. We will glide over deep crevasses as we fly over the 5 mile wide Knik glacier and take in the 400 ft high ice wall at the toe. You will see the power of the glacier as you witness how it is carving the landscape still today. The glacier snakes up the valley 25 miles making it one of the largest glaciers in the area.

If you are feeling adventurous you can add a landing onto your flight, we can land either on the glacier or adjacent to it. You can feel the glacier ice crunch beneath your feet and take in the awe-inspiring views around you. We typically spend about 20 minutes on the ground making the entire trip about 80 minutes total.

Hatcher Pass

A short flight from our base of operations takes us to the southern edge of the Talkeetna Mountain range and into the Hatcher Pass Recreation Area. This area was the third largest lode gold producing area in Alaska in the early 1900’s. The peaks are rugged and are impressive to view any time of year. There are several glaciers we will fly over; Mint, Bomber, Penny Royal and Snowbird. In the distance we can sometimes see Denali, Foraker and Hunter standing proud on the horizon. Flying effortlessly through these mountains gives a person perspective and will leave you feeling enlightened.

Tour Details

  • Dates:Year Round
  • Duration:60 min
  • Landing:Add-on $50
  • Seating:3 in R44
  • Cost:R44 $400 seat
    *2 seat min, 240 lb max weight

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