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Hello, my name is Quinn Luepke, I’m a CFI at Neacola Mtn Air. My fascination with aviation started as a young child growing up in Northern Michigan. My grandfather was an airline pilot, and I can remember always wanting to play with the model airplanes he kept on the bookshelf. My first flight in a helicopter was a Bell 47 out of Pioneer Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and I was hooked from that day forward. Following high school, I enlisted into the Army and spent 4 years stationed in Washington state where I fell in love with the mountains.

In 2019 I left the military and worked as a wildland firefighter before starting flight school in 2020. I was blessed to fly in Idaho with a great community of pilots who shared their depth of knowledge about backcountry aviation with me. In my free time I enjoy camping, splitboarding, fishing, paragliding, and flying my Super Cub. I have a big goofy dog named Eldorado or “Eldo” for short who is my travel and adventure buddy. The next logical step from Idaho was to take the skills I had learned to somewhere I could challenge myself, continue to grow as a pilot and enjoy the great outdoors. When I met Stacia and the aviation community in Alaska, I knew Neacola Mtn Air would be my next home.

I believe that making honest, genuine connections with people is the foundation to a great education and those connections are what makes the helicopter community so unique. I look forward to flying with and passing along my passion to each and every one of you!

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