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I can’t say enough about this school

Training with Neacola Mountain Air has been a life-changing experience for me. It’s rare to find an instructor with thousands of hours of experience and along with that the vibrant and infectious energy that the Neacola instructors emit. Here I am given the space to take accountability of my own flight training and supplied with sources and guidance to help me attain my goals, which is challenging and empowering.

The Neacola Mountain Air flight environment has exposed me to opportunities to practice precision instrument flying and mountain flying. It had enriched my experience interpreting weather forecasts and patterns, offered endless daylight in the summer and superior night time VFR flying in the winter.

I have received my Instrument Helicopter rating as well as my SFAR 73 flight review with Neacola Mountain Air. I am currently training for my Commercial Heli rating and will be pursuing my CFI.

In addition to the instruction, the training environment has lead to great connections in the aviation community in Alaska and beyond.

I can’t say enough about this school. I am proud to lay the foundation of my flight career with these caring and committed group of aviators.

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