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Thank you Stacia for your genuine dedication!

Best flight school in Alaska! I enrolled full-time at Neacola Mountain Air to do my helicopter instrument training, arguably some of the most difficult hours of my helicopter career so far. I am so grateful for the quality of instruction and unwavering support that my instructors have given me, it’s one aspect of this flight school that makes it so worthwhile to train here. Having trained at other flight schools before, it was a big deal to me that I never felt like my time was cut short or that my instructor “didn’t have time for me”. It is also fun that there are so many students at different stages in their training, we all get a chance to glean and share insight with one another while still relating to the same struggles together.

Thank you Stacia for your genuine dedication to making us the best possible pilots and people we can be! And thank you Hyme for glueing the foggles back together every time they broke from someone dropping them! (I know it was a lot!)

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